Made for WOWIE 2.0 Game Jam!


  • If you want to change mouse sensitivity or see controls: Press Tab to bring up the pause menu!
  • BugBot's right antenna starts emitting particles when he's about to remove a platform, look out!
  • BugBot's left antenna starts emitting particles when he's about to teleport!

(I realize that I should've explained that better in the game)

You're a developer that needs to debug their game before launch. But this time, the bug is fighting back! You need to defeat BugBot to be able to launch a stable game. Be careful though, he has some buggy tendencies...

Give it your best shot, you don't want to disappoint your fanbase with a buggy mess, do you?


  • MOVE:        [WASD] or [ARROW KEYS]
  • LOOK:         [MOUSE]
  • JUMP:         [SPACEBAR]
  • PAUSE:        [TAB]

BugBot Survival Guide:

BugBot tries to defeat you with unexpected bugs, but their not as unexpected as they may seem. Take a close look at his antennas and you will see how they warn you when he's about to perform an attack.

GenreAction, Fighting
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Boss battle


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Nice concept! The browser version was very laggy for me though, which hindered the enjoyment. The music and game mechanics were fine. There could have been more feedback when damaging the enemy, like flashing and a sound effect. The little particles around the antennas didn't help much with the teleporting and platform change - could've used a stronger audiovisual 'warning'.


this is actuly really good :D

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This is really fun.
You did a great job on the music.

For some feedback:
- The changing platform feal a bit unpredicable
  May there could be a small animation befor    (dis)appearing.


Really fun game! Nice soundesign. Enjoyed it a lot.

Please play my game too:


nice game.i love the way balls launch while will be fun if the ball splash paint on bot if got hit.

I don't get any idea for defeating the bot


I enjoyed the game but was annoyed how the platforms underneath you, which got me killed a couple times.

Would you be able to play my game as well.

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Very nice game! (Although this is the first game I have ever rated...)

The game needs random variation like shooting time, robot bullet speed, robot accuracy. Just don't do any of this to the player.

You should create an invisible wall around the platform so you do not accidentally strafe off of it but that could certainly be a game mechanic.

E.g. a variation could be moving/shifting platforms.

I gave it the following: 3-4-2-4-4-5-3 (In order of categories.)

Would you mind rating my game?

Also, the intern level boss is really long as well as the others. Maybe next time have shorter health bars but stronger attacks for balance. It could also really help the repetitiveness just as much as created variation.


Quick feedback -> the bugs were the floor goes out from you come across as ‘random damage’ as there doesn’t appear to be any way to avoid them or predict them. I managed to get stuck in the goo one time because I tried to move toward the platform which prevented me from jumping (movement bug).

Took a while to figure out were the theme was (name of bot and eventually the platform bugging out)

The musics was ok… SFX worked.

Didn’t see anything pointing to the cheat codes talked about in the screenshots.

Was probably a bit on the difficult size for a jam game


haha I could not beat one level after trying multiple times. xD still fun to play. I really like the look of your page. Mine looks like garbage compared. *.*


Really fun game!
Great to see a first person shooter, I haven't played many of them from game jams.

I found the Intern level boss really tricky, because I hard time knowing what to look out for in Bugbot's antennas. However, I am significantly worse than average than most people at first person shooters so it could just be my skill level.

Overall though it was super fun to play, and defeating the BugBot was really satisfying. :) 

Thank you very much for playing, and for the feedback!

I am aware that I probably should have had a little tutorial or something so people understand where to aim and what to look out for! But in short, the antennas play a particle effect when there is a bug/attack incoming, rightmost antenna for platform bugs and leftmost antenna for teleport bug.

Writing this out I'm realizing that it is not as self-explanatory as I thought lol...

But that's usually what happens when you sit alone with a game for so long. You need people to test the game, otherwise you will be unaware of certain issues.

Once again, thank you for your feedback!


I thought the left indicator showed that the left platform was disappearing, and vice versa.

That makes a lot more sense. I'm probably gonna try it on a higher difficulty now that I know! :)
I have to get my brothers to play my games to make sure they make sense, because otherwise I would make them way too hard since I'm great at my own games. 


Hi ! 

Very simple, nevertheless joyful title.

Took me some time to figure out how the health system works.

Good Luck!

Thank you!

Yes, I should make it clearer how the BugBot's shield and health works. Unfortunately I didn't have the time for that this time.


Good, but I think you should give jut a bit of an introduction.

Yeah, you're absolutely right. It feels kind of empty inbetween the scenes, you're thrown right into the action.

Definitely should have added an introduction of sorts with a little tutorial if I had the time!

Thanks for playing!

Can you play my game.

It's Bug 76


Great game and addicting! One thing is that I can just jump around and hold the left mouse button without any consequences. Overall, great game

Thank you! 

Be careful if you jump around too much, you might be caught offguard by the disappearing platforms and fall into the lava!

Trust me, that can be frustrating if you're trying to complete it with full health...